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Continuing Improv


$175/$350 (+HST)


4 or 8 Mondays

About the Course

Continuing Improv will build on the basics of improv and get you confidently playing scenes and performance games.

Students will learn how playing characters and relationships can help an improviser find the fun in any game. This class will help students who have mastered the Who, What, and Where of a scene and are wondering what comes next.

Using discovery, and not invention, students will learn how to mine what they have already created to find the fun and laughter that they can ride to the end of the scene.

Your Instructor

Yitzi Gal

Yitzi Gal

Yitzi Gal is an improviser and Drama therapist based in Toronto. Yitzi studied Drama Therapy in the masters program at both N.Y.U in New York and Concordia University in Montreal.

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