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Mon_Improv for Anxiety




8 Weeks


About the Course

Improv For Anxiety is a program that tackles the issues of anxiety by using the skill-building and collaborative fun of improvisational theatre.

Having Fun while Making mistakes, Being Present, unconditional support, trusting oneself, and many other ideas can easily be translated to help with those experiencing anxiety.

Using improvised theatre games and exercises, these ideas are approached and experienced in a supportive, comfortable, and judgement free space. Through these exercises, students will grow to trust their own capacities, get comfortable with the idea of being unprepared, lessen their desires for perfection, and regain a sense of play.

No session on Easter Monday April 10, 2023.

No session on Victoria Day, May 22, 2023.

Your Instructor

Yitzi Gal

Yitzi Gal

Brian G. Smith is an award-winning film-maker, educator, and alumnus of The Second City. Over the last 20 years, Brian has helped thousands of students exercise their creative spirits, and find their own storytelling voices.

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