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Casting Call: Slovenia Travel Opportunity for Unique Characters

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Disclaimer: This content is posted as a convenience and for informational purposes only; it does not constitute an endorsement or an approval of this content.

Jigsaw Casting is seeking Various Individuals with interesting looks and Character for a Ticket Selling Website Campaign

Casting in Toronto and this shoot will take place in Slovenia. All travel and accommodation will be provided. Must have a valid Canadian passport to apply! (At least valid 6 months up to the return date of September 24, 2022)

We would love to see some great faces, unexpected, engaging fun to watch...characters not typical commercial types. Our focus should be on finding talent that read as authentic sports fans. We want to cast people who feel like someone you could easily pass on the street, less beautiful models and more unique characters that feel real to everyday life. Open to all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Looking for the following roles:

  1. Boomstick Lady - Age 30 to 40. Someone who appears to be naturally unassuming, but is able to summon an intensity on command. Someone who might assume a motherly role amongst all her friends. She should be able to pull off a look of intensity that would intimidate any free throw shooter.

  2. High 5 to strangers Guy - Age 30 to 50. This guy should be goofy in his own right. He should look familiar, like someone you want to be friends with. Relatable but a little unhinged, someone who you might expect a mid life crisis out of any second. Would love to see some interesting body types you wouldn't think have any choreography or elegance. Like Jack Black.

  3. ‘Really into it’ Dancing ladies - age 20 to 30. They should be comfortable dancing. A range of characters, each playing their own role in the friend group. You don't need to be a professional dancer, just someone who can really get into dancing.

  4. Shoulder Seat Man - Age 20 to 30. Concert goer / music lover type. Would like to see some long-haired...grunge or hippie type guys. Our man should be of average build / height, someone who could possibly support a woman on his shoulders (Another talent we cast), they should not be so big that the task would be too easy for him. Should be able to easily convey signs of visible and believable discomfort.

  5. Shoulder Seat Woman - Age 20 to 30. (Sitting on the shoulders of Shoulder Seat Man). Concert goer / music lover type. *Must be comfortable sitting on a man's shoulders. (another talent we cast)

If selected, talent will be paid approx. $6,000 to $9,000 per person. *Buyout is based on survival of the edit and includes all lifts, edits, versions. See rate breakdown here:

This is a non-union project. COVID test will be required prior to the shoot. Must be a Canadian Passport holder to apply. -

Deadline to submit: September 6, 2022 at 11am EST. Must be available for these key dates, filming in Slovenia:

Zoom Recall on Monday Sept 12, 2022.

Covid Test: TBD

Travel Day: Sept 18, 2022. Return Day: Sept 24, 2022.

Wardrobe: Sept 20, 2022.

Shoot Date:Sept 22/23 in Slovenia (Europe).

If interested, please apply online with your self tape to:

Self tape instructions:

*Production and talent will follow all COVID SAFETY ON SET PROTOCOL.

**Vaccination - All film crew and talent must be fully vaccinated in order to be on set. Proof of vaccination required. Medical exemption is acceptable if proof is provided.

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