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Colin Mochrie vs Game of Thrones

A few years back, I co-produced a series of live-streamed shows at Comedy Bar. The idea was to prove a theory that Improv could develop an online audience if it was i) very good Improv ii) shot in a way that captured the live audience’s experience iii) had really good sound. For this series of 7 nights, we did it right.

We booked some of the best comedy acts in the city, we got cash and promotional sponsorship from an online video portal, and we built a 3 camera mobile TV studio in the mainspace of Comedy Bar. Of course, we also booked the shows on Sunday nights up against the 3rd season of Game of Thrones. Oy. After 7 weeks of pretty low numbers [both online and in the house], we closed the show.

On the upside, we captured many great Canadian comedy performances in 3 camera splendour. AND we got Colin Mochrie to play on our final night. Colin was in the cast before me at The Second City [Old Firehall days]. He agreed to come do the show, as he often does for Improv and sketch friends if he's not already booked.

Here’s Colin and Paul Bates in a 3 minute snippet of their fab long-form set, which also featured Naomi Snieckus, Rob Baker and Sara Hillier.

In this bit, Paul pimps Colin to explain an improvised list of credentials from Colin’s CV. Of particular note to me in this classic duo comedy bit: i) Paul accepts his part in the ‘game’ of the scene- to play straight man, and throw increasingly difficult past jobs at Colin for him to justify ii) The comedy timing of these two is exemplary. Despite making it all up, they never step on each other’s lines. iii) Any offer you make to Colin Mochrie he’s going to return in comedy gold.

We sold out that night of course, and the online numbers were our best by far. But they were far less than the latest cute cat or giant Kinder egg video on Youtube.

And even Colin Mochrie can't win a battle with Game of Thrones.

Keep at it, whatever it is you're doing.

You're doing great.

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