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PowerPoint Improv Game: 'Say a Word'

One of the most audience pleasing exercises that we do in PowerPoint Improv is 'Say a Word'.

This is usually employed in our WILD CARD format. On one night in particular, Performance Level student Corry had a fabulous experience with the game.

The participant is first given a style of presenting [e.g. infomercial, master's thesis, vacation slides]. When their turn comes, they present themselves to the audience and say a single word - virtually any word will work. Once the word is delivered, they then turn to discover [for the 1st time] what the slide actually is.

Now they must continue speaking for 15 seconds and justify they word they chose in the context of the slide, in the style they were given.

Here, the style is 'Art Appreciation'.

So Corry must deliver a quick essay on a particular piece of art that she has no idea is coming up. She opens with the word 'Expensive', then turns to see a big Lego machine. Now she must justify why this machine art would cost a lot.

Cause she's a bit of a super-hero nerd, she goes with the fact that the metal in this Lego set is the same as that in Wolverine's claws- Adamantium. Boom.

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