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Shy Barrie Real Estate Agent Sings in Front of Strangers!

Hey Brian,

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Improv classes. What a great way to get comfortable in front of a crowd in a fun, no pressure way. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I signed up, but from the first class in January, I knew I was on to something great.

I really do mean what I said to the younger people in the Indian restaurant that night about being comfortable presenting in front of people being good for their careers (and life in general). Powerful stuff to own the stage. Create a presence. Wish I had done something like this 30 years ago. Anyone who wants to get good at presenting to crowds needs to take this stuff.

My Toastmasters group went to an event this week called Caswell Community Choir at some bar in downtown Barrie. Had no idea what to expect. Turns out the guy who does the show goes to the same gym I do. Brett Caswell - he is a musician. We had never spoken but recognized each other right away. He said he based the show off Choir,Choir,Choir in Toronto. It is an audience participation singing event.

Normally I (and probably many people) would be scared to sing out loud in front of others. But there I was, singing up a storm -No holding back -in this crowd of friends and strangers.

I credit that 100% to singing on stage at The Garage! Never would have done that a year ago. Anyway, I plan to be back to Annex Improv in the fall. So much more to learn. It was well worth the drive every week.

Thanks for everything.

All the best,

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