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Student Info - January Classes @ Annex Improv

Improv Friends,

I am Brian, and I run this thing.

I'm sending this 'All-Members' email to everyone that signed up for the 4 different January 2023 classes with Annex Improv.

One email to 'rule them all' because I want everyone to feel part of the bigger tribe, and I'm living with adult ADHD, so admin is...not my superpower.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions [in a reply to me only], and trust me- it's all going to be great.

You've simply signed up to spend a couple of hours a week, gently stretching your mind and spirit in a creative way, with like-minded people. Many of you are understandably worried about how you'll do 'in front of others'. I predict that this anxious feeling will diminish over the next few weeks, and you will come to excitedly anticipate your Improv sessions.

We have 4 different sessions spread over 2 nights.

Here they are, and the info about them** [Some things are true of all 4 classes, see below]

1. Monday Foundations, 6-8pm, January 16 -​ March 13 [security door code: 1919]

-8 classes over 9 weeks [we don't meet on holiday Mondays, like Family Day on Feb 20]

-Intro to Improv basics including active listening, give and take, building courage and momentum.

2. Monday Continuing, 8-10pm, January 16 -​ March 13 [security door code: 1919]

-Building on your acquired grasp of the basics, you'll use your Improv skills to dig deeper into spontaneously creating fun, interesting stories with your scene partners.

-Less time on skill building exercises, more on creating short stories in Long-Form/Montage Improv and open scenes.

Teacher: Brian G. Smith

3. Wednesday Foundations, 6-8pm, January 18 - March 8 [security door code: 1920]

-Very much like Monday's class, but two solar days later.

-Did I mention the FREE hummus and chips?

Teacher: Yitzi Gal

4. Wednesday One-Room Schoolhouse, January 18 – Feb. 8, 8-10pm [security door code: 1920]

-Mostly beginners as above, but some returning folks as well that want to continue focussing on fun and games.

-4 weeks of classes, and half the price of 8 week programs.

Teacher: Yitzi Gal



**Some things are true of all 4 classes

i] Held at the Centre for Social Innovation, Ground Floor- Rear, 720 Bathurst St, just south of Bloor St. Paid parking right outside the building on Bathurst as of 6pm.

ii] Enter by the southernmost CSI doors, use the security keypad on the wall beside the door. Find your class' entry code above.

iii] The accent is on Laugh Therapy, Comfortable Creative Exploration and Community Building. Mutual respect and kindness are keys to success.

smithout fb: brian g. smith


Centre for Social Innovation

720 Bathurst St.

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