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"You’re not just an improviser — YOU are an Illusionist"

Improv Illusionist Blog: "You create stories, characters, and worlds from nothing. You make the audience see what isn’t there."

David Raitt is a veteran of the Toronto Improv scene- I first met him when we were both teachers at The Second City training centre. Over the past few years, Dave has chosen to focus on physciality in Improv; he considers it such an important and underserved aspect of the craft, that he wrote a book!

In his blog on the subject, Dave offers up some reasons to add the study and application of physicality in your Improv work:

  • Has your improv become stale and repetitive?

  • Do most of your scenes take place “in the void?”

  • Are they static and talk-heavy?

  • Do you often get stuck wondering what to do or say next?

  • Want to round out your improv skills and be a better player?

Dave is guest lecturing tonight, August 23rd in the 3rd SOLD OUT Annex Improv Summer Session at 192 Spadina (CSI SP).

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