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Spring '22 Session a Success!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

After a long two-year break, we celebrated the completion of our first post-pandemic Annex Improv session with a drink at the Crafty Coyote on Bloor Street. Below are some heartwarming comments from the great folks that made this session so great:

Dear Brian "Thanks for making us laugh at anything and ourselves. You are an extraordinary Improv teacher." S.

Brian "Thanks for always creating a fun, creative evening." J.

"Much fun & educational & a blast." A.

"Thanks for getting me out of my monologue!" S.

"Thank you for the fun and challenging class!" T.

"Thanks for making us leave our comfort zones." G.

Brian "Thank you for the fun evenings that made us laugh so hard." B.

"It's been a joy to watch you work and get to play on your stage each week." T.

"Thanks for the laughs, tough love & for getting me out of my comfort zone every Monday." K.

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