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The Butterfly Effect

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

We were happy to contribute to a Community Arts program that produced a mural on the Centre for Social Innovation Spadina. This work of art pays tribute to the resilience of the Monarch Butterfly and the epic yearly migration it undertakes between Ontario and Mexico. Here is the kind response from the producer of the mural, an Annex Improv graduate:

Much love to Annex Improv !!!
Thank you so much for donating to the Bureau Of Power And Light Fundraiser! We are so grateful for your support!
Annex Improv has been running improv workshops at Centre for Social Innovation for many years now and if you haven't signed up, get on it now!!
The sessions are run by The Second City alum and all-around fabulously hilarious human Brian G. Smith and the experience is truly rewarding. It helped me to get out of my head, to listen and to get out of my own way. I remember Brian saying "Stop thinking! I can see those wheels turning. If you are thinking of what to say, how to be 'funny' or 'clever', then you are not listening. You can't do both."
Or something like that.
But the lesson stuck. And the learnings I gained from my improv experience with Brian G. and Annex Improv have thoroughly enriched my life.

- Geoff D.

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